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Profile page of horse QUALITY 9 Disciplines: Jumping.

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information on Quality (Holsteiner, 1999, of Quinar) | rider Gerd Sosath | 16 exclusive videos, ratings, descendants, pedigree, pictures at a glance

1993 Lordanos (Holst, bay stallion by Landos) Approved for: Hann, Holst, Old, SA, Brand Level 1.40m with Janne Sosath-Hahn (DEU) See more

Gerd wurde mit ihm Oldenburger Landesmeister in Rastede und nahm dreimal erfolgreich an den Weltmeisterschaften und am Sires of the. English (US)

Gerd With No Symptoms Health – An hour later, he awoke struggling with the same symptoms. “I took deep breaths. It dawned on him.

A great success for this son of our stallion Antango which is part of the 3 only stallions PREMIUM, guarantee of quality!. Très apprécié par les éleveurs Allemands et Hollandais et stationné jusqu'à présent chez l'étalonnier, Gerd SOSATH en Allemagne, l'étalon KWPN, ANTANGO intégre les écuries du Haras du Feuillard.

Breeder: Gerd Sosath, 27809 Lemwerder. Casalido. Dark bay, Holsteiner, 2011, 16.3 hh. Breeder: Peter Nagel-Tornau, 23758 Wangels. Casino Berlin.

Quality-Sohn siegt im S. David Will gewann gestern die Springprüfung Kl. Züchter: Gerd Sosath, Lemwerder 1,30 m 5. Platz 1,20 m 20. Platz. See More. 2.2K Views.

5 days ago. Gerd Oncken. what is heartburn caused from. In Baptist: Growth outside the United Baptist in Europe was Johann Gerhardt Oncken, Gerd Sosath; Lemwerder. 55. GS Journal is your leading platform for high quality science journals, scientific papers and peer-reviewed full-text journals />.

Gerd Sosath says: "With his father Lordanos and his mother Capriati by Carthago, Lordanos and Quality will stay at home due to age or injury.

0. 36,05. 0. 31,41. 60,00. 3. Luyten Sam. Dakar du Champ du Bois. Radco d' houtveld x New wayz (0) / Franck-Baudoux D.&CI 0 – 0 / 6141. 0. 34,22. 0. 32,7. 40,00. 4. Van der Goten Shauni. Farah De Litrange Lxxiii. Lando 040043088 x Tsarina de litrange xvi (Nabab De Reve) / Van Der. Goten Dirk – Coosemans Luc / 7185.

Jul 18, 2009. Additional dam line research learnt us that the KWPN stallion Landjonker alias Fruhling provides very interesting quality and performance characteristics fitting the characteristics. But also Gerd Sosath's station which has meanwhile grown to 19 stallions was initiated solely by the Landadel son, Landor S.

Publishing platform for digital magazines, interactive publications and online catalogs. Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Title: Katalog Schaufenster der Besten, Author: Brandenburg-Anhalt Pferdezuchtverband, Length: 136 pages, Published: 2013-10-25.

Alle VIDEOS und ERGEBNISSE aus Cloppenburg unter In der Springprüfung Kl.S** mit Stechen gewann Gerd Sosath mit.

29. Okt. 2016. Z: Sosath,Gerd -. Schweiger,Christina. 24. 04j. Bay v. Lordanos / Lanciano. _____. Lanci's Lord. B: Schweiger,Christina -. Z: Schweiger,Georg -. Schweiger. Quality. DE 481810299613. Bay. B: Steffens,Wolfgang -. Z: Steffens,Wolfgang -. 14. Straight Flush. B. W v.Stanley Mutter v.Ritual. DE 431318308013.

Stomach High Quality extracts are prepared in. Leave for 10-15 minutes the digestive process has carrots cure heartburn natural way not yet.

Performance Pedigree of Miss Quality – Hippomundo – 1999 Quality 9 (Holst, dark bay stallion by Quinar) Approved for: Hann, Holst, Old, Sachs, OS Level 1.45m with Gerd Sosath (DEU) and Hendrik Sosath (DEU) 1st CSI2.

3. Juni 2015. Quality Touch 3. DE 441411398311. 04j.Westf Db S v. Quality Time (N M.v. Montendro I. Züchter: Antonius Richter. Besitzer: Kröning GmbH u.Co KG. 1135. Quimera CM 2. DE 421000320410. 05j.Holst Schi S v. Züchter: Gerd Sosath. Besitzer: Clemens Bogenstahl Dr. RFV Reken e.V. BONE,LARA.

Alle VIDEOS und ERGEBNISSE aus Cloppenburg unter In der.

Profile page of athlete Gerd SOSATH Disciplines: Jumping.

Fureida a également donné naissance à Laertes, cheval ayant gagné de nombreuses épreuves sous la selle de son naisseur Gerd Sosath. Gagnant en CSI, il remporta également de nombreuses victoires en puissances. Sa deuxième mère: FUREIDA OLD. a aussi produit FORMOSA qui est la 2è mère de LOBSTER 43.

zangersheide lanaken championnat du monde jeunes chevaux 5 ans 6 ans 7 ans : les résultats sur le site de l'élevage de vie.

Dear breeders and horsepeople, we have a truly excellent selection of jumping and dressage stallions, proven in sport and at stud, offering exceptional quality in.

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